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Supporting and guiding our youth to have a successful, well rounded and fulfilling future is what Julia is enjoying most about her role.

Julia Cole

Youth Navigator
July 2020

Julia says she also enjoys seeing the look of accomplishment on our youth’s faces when they overcome barriers and struggles they have been dealing with or carrying around in their lives. "My motivation is being a witness to youth achieving successes whether they be small or large. Seeing their pride on their's and their whānau's faces is one of the most rewarding parts of my job", says Julia. "I will support you in your progress and growth. As you become more confident within yourself to get whatever you set your goal sand heart on achieving".

Outside of work, Julia is very family and friend orientated. "Our friends are our family", says Julia. Her and her fiancé spend a lot of time entertaining or visiting them with their six children in tow. Julia chuckles and says her 'real' down time is spent shopping... Kmart is her second home haha.

She feels her greatest achievement in life so far has been following her dream of becoming a registered Marriage and Civil Union Celebrant.

Her qualifications include a National Certificate in Retail and Wholesale, a Certificate in Child Protection for local Government Children's Workers and a Registered Marriage and Civil Union Celebrant.


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