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Whanau Ora Navigator

The Whānau Ora Navigator will develop and implement whānau aspirational plans within a community setting.This position will provide a whānau centred service working towards whānau self-management. It will provide a focal point for gathering health information, liaison and communication, advocacy and other support as identified by whānau. The position is required to promote a proactive approach to health and wellbeing and provide support to whānau to bring about better whānau outcomes.                   

The overarching principles that will guide this programme will include:

  • Living healthy lifestyle
  • Participating fully in society
  • Confidently participating in Te Ao Māori
  • Economically secure
  • Successfully involved in wealth creation and cohesion, resilient and nurturing
  • Strengths based service delivery leading to measurable Whānau Ora gains and outcomes.

A key function is to engage with clients and their whānau. This is to provide coordination and/or facilitating activities, services and opportunities to support the aspirations of whānau to become self-managing and take responsibility for their health, economic,cultural, social development and wellbeing.

The following would be preferable:

  • Experience in social work.
  • An understanding of Māori community, local knowledge.
  • An understanding of working with whānau.
  • An understanding of working with agencies, sectors locally, regionally, nationally.
  • Problem solving experience.

Please download a Position Description here.

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