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To tatou whakaaro

Our Philosophy

Our Whānau Ora philosophy drives how we are organised and everything we do, we do as a team. It is who we are.

Whānau Ora

At Te Kupenga Hauora – Ahuriri, Whānau Ora is a transformational, culturally grounded, whole of person, whole of whānau, whole of environmental approach to our delivery of health, social and other services. At its heart are our tikanga values of relationship and connectedness and our driving values of participation, protection and partnership.

  • Whānau Ora shifts the focus from individuals to collectives, from sectoral interventions to inter-sectoral collaboration, from crisis intervention to capability building and from process indicators to measures of outcome. Whānau Ora is a journey, not a destination, and is unique for all whānau.
  • Everyone matters in our internal (staff) and external (clients) whānau. Everyone we touch has a sense of being seen and heard, being valued and valuable, being included and connected, as we find the gap in their lives, bridge that gap and empower them to recover their sense of wholeness.
  • Central to Whānau Ora for us is the idea of keeping whānau intact and maintaining who they are and their uniqueness, no matter what.
  • How we embrace and deliver Whānau Ora is our ‘felt’ expression of our culture. That is, ‘aroha’, ‘compassion’ and ‘whole of whānau solutions.'

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