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Support for young parents, and assistance for youth to gain skills and qualifications for future independence.


Youth Navigators provide guidance, support and encouragement to youth who are no longer in school, unemployed and need support in finding the education, training or work-based learning that works for them.

A programme supports youth to gain all the necessary skills and qualifications to support independence in the future, helping youth and their family have a better future.

NEET (Not In Education, Employment or Training)

Youth Navigators that support youth to achieve qualifications to enable them to enter into employment.

YP/YPP (Youth Payment/Young Parent Payment)

YP (Youth Payment) Youth Navigators that support young people aged 16 or 17 year old, who do not have dependent children, and can’t live with their parents/guardian or get financial support from anyone.

YPP (Young Parent Payment) Youth Navigators support young parents aged 16 to 19 years old to raise their children in a caring and supportive environment (eg. Budgeting; parenting programmes etc).


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