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Tīmata te whānau


A child development and parenting programme delivered to you and your whānau in your home.

Giving children the best start in life

Family Start is an intensive home visiting programme that focuses on improving children's growth and health, learning and relationships, family circumstances, environment and safety.

It helps families who are struggling with challenges or problems that may make it harder for them to care for their baby or young child. Family Start will begin to support babies and their parents/caregivers early - before the baby's birth or in their first year. We encourage referrals from the second trimester of pregnancy.

There is a focus on strengthening and improving the parent's skills for the benefit of the child, and the achievement of the family's own goals.

Contact any of our staff below for more information on this free service, or to make a referral fill out our Family Start Referral Form.

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