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No Waipukurau Ahau. Ko Ngati Kahungunu Te Iwi. Ko Tamatea Te Hapu


Health Coach
Joined the team January 2023

When Katherine was asked, what she like most about her role? Her reply was, "I like the ability to be able to interact and engage with our whānau, out and about in the community, and help support them with their needs."

An important message Katherine has for whānau and community about what she can do for them in your role is, She hopes to be able to share with our whānau, is that we all have to start somewhere, and everyone’s journey is different.  She endeavor to be able to support and motivate whānau, on their individual journeys, to achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

Outside of work, Katherine enjoys anything that allows her to be creative, Spending time with her whānau and getting out and about with her partner and 3 very busy kids.

Katherine's greatest achievement in life so far has absolutely been her 3 beautiful tamariki.

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