Jurnee overcomes as Youth Services build confidence

Te Kupenga Hauora – Ahuriri’s Youth Navigator Janet Groube (left) with Jurnee Kihi admiring her new full drivers licence while sorting out where to next for this independent and capable young mum.
June 6, 2017

Jurnee Kihi (20) is someone Youth Navigator Janet Groube describes as a success.

The mum of one has worked with Te Kupenga Hauora – Ahuriri’s Youth Services team since the birth of her son four years ago and along the way has overcome a number of challenges while developing personal skills that are seeing her grow. “It feels good to think they see me as successful.”

In the past four years Jurnee has become a parent, gained confidence all round and learned to navigate her commitments when it comes to MSD (Ministry of Social Development) and Housing New Zealand. When Janet started working with her 18 months ago she already had a fantastic track record when it came to doing what was required but she really saw it first-hand when Jurnee’s home caught fire in January 2015. Following the fire, she moved in with family but this could only be temporary due to 10 others already living there. Janet helped Jurnee figure out what she needed to do to get her own place, supported her where needed with assessments, letters and references but largely, watched Jurnee tackle the set-back herself. “Jurnee is very reliable, very independent. She’s done really well and copes with whatever life throws at her,” says Janet.

She set the goal of getting her full drivers licence and recently achieved this after being a successful recipient through the MSD ‘Got Drive’ programme. This gave her three lessons and paid for her to sit the practical test. After leaving school at 15 she has also just re-enrolled in education. This time through the Correspondence School – Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu where she aims to achieve NCEA Levels 1 and 2. She’s hoping that study will lead to full time work and is prepared to try as hard as she needs to get where she wants. “Working with a Youth Navigator has given me more independence and confidence in my own abilities.”

If you’re not involved in education or unemployed and aged 16-17 you too could qualify for FREE support from a Youth Navigator. Contact Te Kupenga Hauora – Ahuriri on 835 1840.

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