Skin Disorders

School Based Nurse Chris Drown with Maraenui Bilingual Kura tauira Tuscany Walker-Warren (8) and Petula-Renee Walker-Warren (8), showing him their hand washing technique.
September 19, 2019

It's Not Normal

Skin disorders are amongst the most common issues School Based Nurse Chris Drown encounters when going into kura in Maraenui and Marewa. In the past, whānau may have dismissed a graze on the knee, insect bites and other skin irritations as“normal” but it’s important to remember that if they aren’t dealt with early,they could develop into a serious infection.


Good hygiene is very important in preventing infection and some skin disorders from spreading. Here are some prevention tips.

• Shower/bathe once a day

• Wash hands regularly

• Keep nails clean and short as infection is often carried under fingernails

• Clean, dry clothing

• Change bed clothes once a week

Types of skin disorders

Be vigilant and ask for help from the School Based Nurse, your doctor or Te Kupenga Hauora- Ahuriri, if you think your tamariki have any of the following:

• Boils

• School sores

• Eczema

• Insect bites (fleas/mozzies)

Signs: What to look out for

Infections are often;

• Red around the edges

• “Feel” warm

• Sore

• Raised above the skin

Treatment: What to do

Chris says that if you notice any of the signs of infection you need to see your health provider. You can come and see Te Kupenga Hauora - Ahuriri at 5 Sale Street or book into see your doctor. In extreme cases, if not treated skin disorders can lead to cellulitis or infections that require IV antibiotics and hospitalisation. “Our overarching job is to keep our tamariki out of hospital.”


If your tamariki are prescribed antibiotics you need to make sure they finish the course and take ALL of the medicine. “Sometimes we feel better after a couple of days but it’s important to complete the course regardless. This will help make sure the infection is properly gotten rid of,” says Chris.

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