March 20, 2019

Keep Tāne in Tune

Men often ignore symptoms, anything that isn’t normal for them, choosing to “harden up” or “carry on”. These can have dire consequences for themselves and their whanau. But a simple hauora (health)warrant of fitness is the best way for tane (men) to make sure they are in tune and running on all cylinders!

How often should tāne get a W.O.F?

Ideally once a year but at least every two.There are a number of screening programmes for illnesses that affect Kiwi men at high rates. Getting into these programmes can help prevent sickness and you will be reminded when you next need to go in for a check-up.

Whānau history. Why it’s important to know

Some illnesses can run in families. It’s important that you talk to your family about their medical histories and then pass this information onto your practice nurse/GP or kaimahi at Te Kupenga Hauora - Ahuriri.

Common health conditions that are known to run in whānau:
Have healthy habits

Preventing sickness and illness isn’t just about W.O.Fs and screening programmes. Your lifestyle has a big part to play too. Changing some of your habits could save you from ailing health and even save your life. Here are some simple things you can do.

  • Get active! Increase exercise and physical activity.
  • Eat healthy. Decrease sugar and fats from your diet.
  • Quit smoking. You’ll save money and your health.
  • Be aware of what is ‘normal’ for you and your health. If you notice something out of sorts then ACT and go and see a health professional.

If you or the tāne in your whānau are due a W.O.F or have noticed abnormalities, then contact your GP Practice to book an appointment.

Alternatively, you can drop into Te Kupenga Hauora - Ahuriri Monday to Fridays 9:00am - 4:00pm to talk to someone. We can support those in our hāpori (community) to access services they need.

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