You don’t have to do it on your own - stop smoking support

Members of Te Kupenga Hauora - Ahuriri’s Stop Smoking Team. (Left to right) Elizabeth Ghio, Te Rina Murphy, Kylee Stok, Janet Groube, Callan Curtis, Mihiana Cottrell, Makita Edmonds and Juanita Roys.
September 4, 2018

NICOTINE replacement therapy (NRT), carbon monoxide (CO) readings, regular catch-ups and coaching

Are all part of the arsenal the stop smoking team at Te Kupenga Hauora - Ahuriri use to support whānau to become smokefree. The ten-strong group are THE best resource you can have on your journey to break addiction and better the wellbeing of yourself and those around you.

The Stop Smoking Practitioners are trained and experienced at helping people to achieve their goals. While some people can successfully quit smoking on their own, having the whi of a knowledgeable practitioner, can tip the scales in others favour.

Committed to the “Smokefree Aotearoa 2025” kaupapa (cause) the team are eager to work with even more whānau to see smoking rates decline. At the end of 2017 more than 600,000 New Zealanders smoked. Hawke’s Bay’s smoking rates of 18% of adults smoking, is higher than the national average of 15%; and Māori and Pacific have the highest number of smokers across Aotearoa ethnic groups.

Te Kupenga Hauora - Ahuriri Stop Smoking Practitioners provide regular, ongoing coaching and contact however it suits you. They can text, phone, Facebook message or see you face to face. They also provide appropriate NRT such as gum, lozenges or patches and administer CO readings so that you can track your measurements as levels of this harmful gas start to fall, signalling an improvement to your health.

Get in touch with the Stop Smoking Services TODAY, for FREE support that will help you break your smoking addiction. Call 835 1840 and ask for the Stop Smoking Team or message them on Facebook: TKHA Smokefree.

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